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The gay bear "scene" has moved from subculture to the gay mainstream in the past few years, and in the Carolinas this is no different, thanks in part to large-scale events like Bear Hunt Weekend. At this point, bearded, husky guys dominate much of Carolinas gay party runs or excursions, from the mountains to the beach, bears flock from all over to go to these awesome bear runs. So what makes a bear? These days, it's pretty much anyone with face fuzz and a bit of extra meat on his bones. We're not generally hung up on labels around here, but there's no denying that CBL throws some of the best social events in the Carolinas. Our website guide will help you navigate upcoming events.

Bear Hunt

Carolina Bear Lodge’s Bear Hunt began as a simple camping trip on Hunting Island, S.C., in 2001. The second event was so successful that organizers decided a camping format could not sustain the large numbers of attendees who were interested in returning each year. So the event was moved to a small hotel in Myrtle Beach S.C., with the initial theme of a Hawaiian Luau. Following years, Bear Hunt went though many transformations to make the event bigger and better. Now it's a premiere east coast event, hope to see you there!

CBL Summer Luau

Who cares what the thermometer says? It's HOT and time for a good pool party in Summer. Gay bear booster for CBL. Our members and their friends are invited to romp in a local pool, and enjoy some good old fashion poolside camaraderie. In the afternoon, a cookout held at the Woodshed followed by a DJ'd dance party hosted by Uproarr - this yearly event will be kickin'! Dancing bears will keep the crowd entertained! Woo-hoo!

Christmas Party

This event celebrates a traditional Christmas with dining, camaraderie, and a spectacular sense of merriment guests describe simply as "magnificent!"   The CBL Christmas party is one of our major events of the season. Its a potluck style event and it’s a great opportunity for the CBL community to celebrate the Season at a rotating venue sometimes a home and sometimes a bar or restaurant.

Anniversary Weekend

This is our yearly anniversary party we have. This event is a lot of fun and there are lots of awards and prizes to give out!

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  1. Tubing on the Green will be my first CBL event. Anyone else on here going? Any tips, hellos or heads-up are welcome. I’m looking forward to meeting new men.

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