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Welcome to Carolina Bear Lodge! Heres a little more about us.


It is the mission of Carolina Bear Lodge to provide opportunities for its members to socialize in a safe hospitable setting; to project a positive image and increase awareness of the bear subculture: and to contribute to the betterment of the gay community and society as a whole. The Board and membership of Carolina Bear Lodge recognizes and supports the great diversity within the bear community. We also feel that it is important to present a positive image to the gay community and the community at large. For this reason the members and guests should be cognizant of the sensibilities of others.

The gay bear "scene" has moved from subculture to the gay mainstream in the past few years, and in the Carolinas this is no different, thanks in part to large-scale events like Bear Hunt Weekend. At this point, bearded, husky guys dominate much of Carolinas gay party runs or excursions, from the mountains to the beach, bears flock from all over to go to these awesome "bear runs." So what makes a bear? These days, it's pretty much anyone with face fuzz and a bit of extra meat on his bones. We're not generally hung up on labels around here, but there's no denying that CBL is the Carolina's premiere social group.


The CBL 2018 Bear Hunt Planning Team is happy to announce this year’s charity.  In an effort to give back to the Myrtle Beach community, 100% of the Bear Hunt charity funds are going to LOWCOUNTRY FOOD BANK.  Its mission is to lead the fight against hunger in coastal South Carolina.  The organization’s guiding principles are: Feed. Advocate. Empower.  To learn more, visit the website www.lowcountryfoodbank.org

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